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Learning Foundations

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Cindy G.




John A.


Saint Mary’s College in California M.A. Leadership

Utah State University B.S. Sociology

Subjects: Creative Writing, Reading Comprehension, English, Literature, Essay Writing, ACT English, SAT Reading, World History, SAT Writing, ACT Reading, Government & Politics, American History, ACT Science, Biology, Pre­Algebra, SAT Math, ACT Math, Pre­Calculus, Algebra, Elementary Math, Geometry, Study Skills, Elementary Reading, Elementary Science, Elementary Spelling

Alec M.


Chapman University,Universal Algebras and Logic B.S. Mathematics,Universal Algebras and Logic

Subjects: Essay Writing, English, Literature, SAT Reading, Creative Writing, Reading Comprehension, ACT Reading, ACT English, SAT Writing, SAT Math, Calculus, Pre­Calculus, ACT Math, Pre­Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, ACT Science, World History, Physics, Trigonometry, Government & Politics, American History, Study Skills

Pamela I.


University of Colorado at Denver M.A. Language, Literacy and Culture/Reading and Writing, Curriculum and Instruction

University of Northern Colorado B.S. English

Subjects: SAT Math, SAT Reading, Calculus, SAT Writing, ACT English, English, ACT Science, ACT Math, Literature, Essay Writing, ACT Reading, Study Skills, Reading Comprehension

Drew B.


University of Georgia B.S. Education

Subjects: Creative Writing, English, ACT Reading, SAT Writing, Essay Writing, Literature, ACT English, SAT Reading, Reading Comprehension, American History, SAT Math, ACT Math, Pre­Algebra, Government & Politics, World History, Algebra, Geometry, Biology, Pre­Calculus, ACT Science, Study Skills, Geology

Brynn B.


University of Colorado B.A. Psychology

University of Oregon M.A. Counseling Psychology

Subjects: Essay Writing, Reading Comprehension, Creative Writing, Literature, ACT Reading, English, SAT Reading, ACT English, SAT Math, ACT Math, SAT Writing, Geometry, Algebra, ACT Science, American History, Elementary Math, Study Skills, World History, Elementary Science, Government & Politics, Elementary Reading, Elementary Spelling

Divya R.


University of Pennsylvania M.A. History and Sociology

University of Pennsylvania Ph.D History and Sociology

University of California, Berkeley B.A. Molecular Biology and History

Subjects: Creative Writing, ACT English, SAT Reading, ACT Reading, Essay Writing, SAT Writing, English, Reading Comprehension, SAT Math, Literature, Algebra, ACT Math, Pre­Calculus, Calculus, Geometry, Pre­Algebra, Trigonometry, Probability, Statistics, World History, American History, ACT Science, Chemistry, Government & Politics, Physics, Biology, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Elementary Science, Microbiology, Geology, Elementary Reading, Elementary Math, Elementary Spelling, Study Skills

Drew S.


Texas State University B.S. Urban and Regional Planning

Subjects: Reading Comprehension, English, Essay Writing, Creative Writing, Literature, American History, Government & Politics, Elementary Reading, Algebra, World History, Elementary Spelling, Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Study Skills

Jennifer P.


Colorado State University M.S. Human Development: Community and Family Intervention

University of Pittsburgh B.S. Psychology

Georgia State University B.S. Spanish

Subjects: English, Reading Comprehension, Literature, Creative Writing, ACT English, Essay Writing, ACT Math, SAT Writing, ACT Science, Algebra, ACT Math, World History, Geometry, American History, Government & Politics, Study Skills